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EQ Quiz

Mercedes-Benz is well known for its luxury aesthetic and impressive range of electrical or partially electric passenger cars. But in a world where climate change is a real threat, how can we educate our customers on the benefits of electric vehicles whilst putting their nerves at rest.

The Problem

The trouble Mercedes-Benz faced was that very few customers understood the real difference between plug-in-hybrid, electric, and hybrid cars. Many prospective customers may go against their instinct to buy an electric car out of fear of the unknown, such as where all the conveniently located charging stations are throughout the UK. Publicis Emil set out to address the stigma around electric cars through a series of questions that will direct you to the recommenced car, depending on your answers.

The EQ Quiz would be advertised throughout social media; once the customer engages with the post, they would be seamlessly forwarded to the main Mercedes-Benz site, where they would begin the EQ Quiz. Once completed, the customer will be shown their recommenced options with a link to our Online Showroom.

The Goal

Create a digital, interactive experience for current and new Mercedes-Benz customers to help educate, create awareness, and direct them to the best-suited vehicle based on their answers. 

The interaction would need to be simple enough for all ages to interact with and completed in under 30 seconds.  


UX/UI Designer

User Research | Interaction | Visual Design | Prototyping & Testing




Sketch | Invision | Zeplin 


For this project, we needed to understand the fears Mercedes-Benz customers had towards electric cars and why they might opt for a diesel or petrol car.

The primary issue that the majority of individuals had towards electric cars is range anxiety. The top three concerns voiced by our MB customers were:

  • Lack of appropriate charging points nearby their homes
  • Lack of appropriate charging points nearby work
  • Are unaware that they can have a battery charging port attached to their houses.


User Persona

The EQ Quiz is a completely new feature being added to the main Mercedes-Benz site. Whilst this feature is being designed to target both existing and new customers we are also having to understand the mindset of customers towards an electric vehicle.


Customer research gave me valuable insight into how they view our electric cars. With the customer’s main concerns at hand I added a additional feature into the user flow that would allow customers to input their postcode which in turn would visually show the range of charging points within a 5 mile radius.

Defining the Journey

Initially, we were given a user flow by MB; however, after evaluating the type of questions at hand and our customer research, we believed that questions were more business-focused than customer-focused.

After speaking with the client, we went ahead and extended their original flow. adapting the terminology of questions as well as adding in additional questions with the goal in mind to educate our customers within the process with their main concerns as the centre focus.


Customer research gave me valuable insight into how they view our electric cars. With the customer’s main concerns at hand I added a additional feature into the user flow that would allow customers to input their postcode which in turn would visually show the range of charging points within a 5 mile radius.

EQ Quiz: User Flow

EQ Quiz: User Flow Additional Feature


(Phase 1)

The goal of the design for the EQ Quiz was apparent; it needed to be a simple function that our customers could navigate through with ease that would take under 30 seconds for the average customer but still gained valuable insight for MB.

The quiz would be live on the Mercedes main site product pages; the branding would need to seamlessly abide by Mercedes-Benz style guidelines.


Speed was a key factor within this feature. We concluded that not having a next cta and automatically moving the question would stop individuals from pondering their answers through prototyping and user testing. Having no next cta allowed the quiz to move on at a quicker pace.

EQ Quiz: Design Overview

User Testing

Mocking up the design into a working prototype, we completed a day of user testing to see how our customers would:

  1. Interacted and navigated through the quiz
  2. Understand the question being asked
  3. Allow me to analyse if there is any confusion from the questions
  4. Allow me to gauge if the customer was happy/expected their ‘suited car.’
  5. Understand if the link to pages from the results felt natural or forced to the customer
  6. Roughly work out how long the quiz would take to complete

Through user testing, we identified that the majority of users felt the design was slightly bland. Whilst they could complete the quiz within the time limit, we had set about to achieve our customers were not y enjoying the experience.

Additionally, we identified which questions caused the user to stop and think about their answer more than usual. This highlighted that either:

  1. The question was phrased in a way our customers didn’t understand
  2. There needed to be further information surrounding the question


(Phase 2)

The key findings highlighted by the user testing lead us to developing Mercedes-Benz branded icons for each question to have a visual representation.

Imagery was an option for the questions, however the goal was to have the user get from ‘A-B’ within 30 seconds. Images not only visually stand out from the questions but they will attract attention.

  • Add a visual representation for each question
  • Add a ‘Did you know’ section for the questions that individuals struggled with. Additionally, this feature would educate and create awareness on the function of electric cars

EQ Quiz: Design Iconography

The second major finding from the user testing: Three questions caused most users to pause significantly longer than they did on any other question.

There was a character limit with the questions; additionally, the questions could not be changed due to specific information needed from the customer. This led us to create a ‘Did you know’ cta. The ‘Did you know’ cta would display an overlay module if interacted with, expanding on the questions at hand to help the customer answer.

EQ Quiz: Did you know module