Local TV


Local TV Redesign


2019 on- going


  • UX/UI
  • Brand & Identity
  • Web design
  • App Design

Local TV are a network of UK local TV channels broadcasting on Freeview, Virgin Media, Sky and online, and we’re the experts at connecting with a vast community of local people through those platforms.

Our clients website was very outdated, unable to compete with competitors websites, users where finding it increasingly hard to navigate around the site.

Their current website Local TV

This project is still currently on-going.

Selected works



I was the sole designer on the team alongside a business analyst and 4 engineers. I was responsible for the design and UX/UI experience of the website.

The current site has one homepage that would then split off into locatoinal websites. There were going to be eight separate sites that visually were the same but content wise were only based on that specific local area. Therefore content was limited but the website still needed to be visually compelling.

This project was estimated to take 4 months to completely analyse the current website, figure out the critical pain point, redo think the user experience process, redeign the website along with the branding. Here are some key achievements listed below:

Understanding the problem

Conducting a brainstorming session with the BA of teh project, we unconvered the critial pain points. It was revealed that:

Site map

From analysing the original website, it was obvious that one of the most critical issues was how the user navigated through the website. Sitting down with the BA we went through the pages our client said they wanted and created a site map to help us understand how the users would navigate through the site without having to think.


Quick Sketches

Bases on the problems identified above, I worked towards addressing these pain points by coming up with potential solutions through quick wireframe mockups. This is helpful for people on the project who possibly aren't as visual to be able to understand the direction the project is leaning towards.

Gathering feedback from the BA, UX Designer and rest of the team on the overall layout and strucure of the website focusing mainly on the hmepage. This involves establishing a standardised visual hierarchy and layout that would be consistent throughout the site